5 tips for those who want to get rich

We will be realistic: in order to change the financial situation for the better, you need to work hard, correctly build relationships with people and control your life. How to do it?

Most dream that their life has changed for a better magical way. In fantasies, they win in the lottery, receive inheritance from an unknown relative or a sudden increase. Psychologist Benjamin Hardy is sure: it’s better not to dream, but to take fate into your own hands and start acting.

1. Invest 10% income and 80% of free time

You are sure that you have received a good education and you know everything you need in your area. But you can never dwell on what has been achieved. Develop, study, find out a new. Without improving personal and professional skills, you cannot succeed. Education costs money, but it will definitely pay off. Sign up for courses, listen to lectures and webinars, give books, learn foreign languages.

Usually unwillingness to do all this, we justify the lack of free time. But after all, it is quite enough to watch TV shows, communication in social networks and other entertainment that will not help in making money. If you want to achieve something, you will have to differently prioritize.

2. Work not for the sake of money, but for the sake of experience

Which of us did not want to receive a high salary immediately after graduation? But this happens only in the cinema. Sometimes you have to agree to not the most monetary position, but in a large company. When choosing a job, think first of all about experience and prospects, and not about money.

At work, do not limit yourself only to your responsibilities. The position „I do only what they pay for me“ will not lead to success. Become more creative, offer bold ideas, even if they are not required, think about how to improve the work of the department. Improving professional skills, you discover many opportunities.

3. Cooperate, not compete

Most of us are used to cope with everything on our own. We do not like to ask for help. Sometimes we are driven by vanity – the desire to get praise for the work done alone, and sometimes we just feel uncomfortable to bother others.

But the truth is that everyone from time to time requires help and professional advice. And this is not evidence of weakness or incompetence. On the contrary, a request for help helps to build relationships with the right people And relationships are assets that will bring dividends over time.

People are pleased when they turn to them for advice. This allows them to feel their significance. Having received support, be sure to thank the one who helped you. Tell me that without him nothing would have happened to you.

It is better to cooperate than competing. Together with someone you can create something more grandiose than one by one

At the same time, do not focus exclusively on your own benefit. Do not refuse to help others and inspire others to grow and develop.

It is better to cooperate than competing. Together with someone you can create something more grandiose than acting one by one. Successful people constantly expand their contact network and provide familiar with free services.

In addition, this approach to life brings more satisfaction and happiness: it helps to look at the world differently and closer and warmer to communicate with people.

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